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How it works


VPN4VOIP Client Side - Use our SSL based VPN4VOIP hardware router, or our FREE VPN4VOIP software+PC based router to connect customer's VOIP gateways to no restrict internet world

By using our own brand VPN4VOIP hardware router, or by installing our free and robust VPN client software in Windows XP or Windows 2003 OS based computer equipped with two network cards, our customers can connect existing internet to the WAN port of the hardware/software router, and connect their Cisco/Quintum VOIP gateways to the LAN ports of the hardware/software router. After the VPN connection is established, all VOIP Gateway traffics are encrypted through our latest SSL VPN Tunneling technology. Most important, all these VOIP gateways will be assigned with our public static IP address, these IP can be reached from all over the world with shortest ping delays and minimum network jitters.

VPN4VOIP Server Side - VPN4VOIP Hosting Service for VOIP with guarantee bandwidth & QoS control

We route your VOIP traffic to USA, Canada or Europe internet backbone securely and reliably through highly matured 1024 bits SSL VPN tunneling and our top grade data centers, no one in your local area or from your country's internet authority could sniff or listen your VOIP traffic data. With the SSL based VPN compression, you also get higher MOS score, which means you will get even better VOIP voice quality for your VPN routed calls.

Bypass ISP's block on VOIP calls

VPN4VOIP service uses very flexible VPN tunneling technology that each VPN account has its dedicated VPN channel without sharing any resource with other users. That means we can customize each VPN connection according to customer's special network environment to achieve 100% success connection rate. our service has been tested to work perfectly under many world's most strict internet filter system - for example Narus NarusInsight and Verso NetSpective. If you need get your VOIP traffic unblocked, just contact VPN4VOIP.COM and leave all technical challenges to us, we will take care of the rest and bring you a VPN connection without any restrict for VOIP calls in couple of hours!