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Download Client Software and try VPN4VOIP service for FREE

Please contact us to try our free VPN4VOIP client software that can easily change your existing Windows XP or Windows 2003 computer into a soft based router! By this you can have a quick evaluation on our VPN4VOIP service without purchasing any hardware VPN router, you will get good experience how our service could actually help you to push your VOIP wholesale business and improve your revenue immediately.

Be noticed that our VPN service is dedicated for Multiple Channels VOIP calls based on H.323 or SIP protocol using Digital Trunk or Multi-Channel FXS/FXO gateways from CISCO or QUINTUM etc. Manufacturers. In simple word, our VPN service is BEST for commercial business users. Our existing customers are using our service for their VOIP traffic business with AudioCodes or Mediatrix 4 Ports FXS gateways, or QUINTUM 24 Ports FXO gateway, or CISCO AS5300 4E1 Digital gateway. VPN4VOIP service isn't used for Softphone Dialers, and also it isn't used for web browsing, FTP downloading or P2P/BitTorrent Sharing etc.

If you are individual or residential broadband phone users, you have Linksys PAP2, Linksys SPA3102, Grandstream HT486 etc. ATA VOIP Adapters or Grandstream GXP2000, Aastra 480i etc. Broadband Phone, what you need is other VPN service for residential VOIP, for example one of the best provider is http://www.vpn4sip.com .

Before deploy the VPN client software, please install two network cards in the computer, one network card is used as WAN interface to connect the broadband internet through DHCP, PPPoE or static IP (according to how your ISP gives you the internet connection), the other network card is used as LAN interface to bridge the VPN4VOIP connection to your VOIP gateways.

This VPN client PC need to be running one of the following OS:
  • Windows 2003 Standard Server (we preferred)
  • Windows 2003 Enterprise server
  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 7 (All Edition except Windows 7 Starter)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2008
Once the PC, the Operation System and two network cards are all ready, please follow the steps liste below to send us request for FREE VPN4VOIP test account:
  1. Download our dedicated remote access software TeamViewer Client from HERE, or download the general version of TeamViewer remote control software from this URL:
  2. Run the download software, write down the 9 digits access ID pop up in the TeamViewer window;
  3. Send us one email to our address sales@vpn4voip.com , in this email you should include several item:
    • The model name and the channel number of the VOIP gateways or devices you have;
    • The country name where the VPN connection will be used in and the internet ISP name you used for VOIP traffic;
    • The 9 digits TeamViewer remote Access ID you wrote down at above step;
After we get your email, our engineers will deploy the test account on your VPN client PC remotely in couple of hours, the detail public static IP pool information will be sent out to your email address shortly after the remote deployment is done. Then please assign the public static IP to your VOIP gateways and feel free to make live VOIP wholesale traffic calls with your VOIP peers through our premium quality of VPN connection.