VPN4VOIP.COM - most professional VPN service for VOIP wholesale industry!

Being a smart business owner, you have a great proposal to provide international long distance VOIP service world wide, but because VOIP is getting prohibited by your country's authority, broadband internet ISPs and internet backbone provider are all trying to block VOIP ports and/or drop all VOIP signals/voice packets. Will you still have any option to keep your VOIP wholesale traffic exchange business moving ahead?

Our answer is YES! With our VOIP VPN service by utilizing VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology, all your VOIP traffic are wrapped in SSL 1024 bits encrypted VPN packages, re-routed to our state of the art VPN data center, then forward out to the public internet world, just as your VOIP gateways are physically located in our network co-location. VPN is so secure that no one could figure out what data or applications you are running through your broadband internet connection.

More than that, you will get up to 5 static public IP address (/29 VLAN) for your VOIP Quintum Tenor or Cisco AS5300 devices with QoS guaranteed dedicated upload and download VPN bandwidth! With VPN4VOIP service you will never have the headache of dealing with those troublesome port forwarding and DMZ issues in your NAT routers. You can use whatever broadband internet connection you can get from local area - for example ADSL, Cable Modem or Fibal Optical Network etc. (even they only give you dynamic private IP) to use together with our VPN service, your VOIP gateways always get a mapped permanent public static IP from us, exchanging wholesale traffic with other VOIP peers isn't an headache issue any more - it was never so easy and simple before!

That's what our VPN4VOIP solution and service can do for you, powerful and convenient. Sound like exactly what you need, right? Great, please contact us immediately right now, we will analyze your case, show you details how our low cost solution helps your VOIP business and give you instructions how to test VPN4VOIP service for free with your live VOIP traffic. Being as the leader in VPN service industry dedicated for VOIP traffic market for more than 4 years, with our outstanding Ping performance, minimum network Jitter and 100% dedicated bandwidth promise, Our service and solution will definitely push your VOIP business to a new success!